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 Videos of VitriSafe

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All these steps in 60 seconds

Video1:    What is the VitriSafe ?

Video2:    Opening of the package and how to handle the VitriSafe before starting the vitrification procedure  

Video3:    The outer protective straw

Video4:    The embryos are placed in the vitrification drop and then load in the gutter of the VitriSafe. Insertion

                    in the  protective straw. Sealing of the straw (with the system from CBS) before plunging in liquid nitrogen

Video5:    Another sealing system that is also very efficient, because you have more possibilities.

                    For example you can drop the straw in LN2 and afterwards sealed the straw


<<How to remove the VitriSafe with an extractor?>>


Video6:    How an extractor can be made?

Video7:    Shows how the extractor is working. This step is normally done with the straw in LN2 (see next movie)!

Video8:    The thawing process:

- opening of the protective straw, be sure that the part with the embryos is still under the level of LN2!

- - removal of the VitriSafe

- - - plunging the VitriSafe into the media